BUILD A Disc Golf Course

Are you a city employee or landowner looking to build a new course in North Texas? Where do you start to kickstart the course design and build process? We can help by providing you with a quick reference guide to highlight the activities you’ll need to complete to get your new disc golf course off the ground.

THE Process

You’re a landowner, city employee, or passionate disc golfer that’s secured a piece of land that you want build a new disc golf course on. Now what? The process below lays out how to bring your vision to life.

Secure Land

Securing the right piece of land is the first step of the new course development process. Based on the type of course you’re looking to build, the amount of land acreage will vary.

Are you wanting a 6-hole or 9-hole short course at a local school or church? A few acres may be enough. If you’re interested in a championship-caliber course, you may need 25+ acres to bring your vision to life.

You can estimate your acreage needs here. It’s worth talking to a pro designer first to ensure your land matches your vision.

Design and Equip

To build a disc golf course that the North Texas community responds well to, it’s highly encouraged to engage with a professional course designer and invest in high-quality baskets and tee signs.

In addition to designing a challenging, yet fair, course for all skill levels to enjoy, pro course designers also take into account factors such as well-balanced holes, player/spectator safety, and configurability for different skill levels.

Please visit the section below for a list of well-known course designers and resources,

Construct and Install

Once the course’s conceptual design is complete and the city has approved all permits and plans, it’s time to get to work!

Depending on the type of land, the amount of and type of construction will greatly vary. In North Texas, the most common construction includes clearing woods (e.g. brush, trees, foliage, etc.), laying concrete tee pads, creating minor bridges/pathways, and installing course signs and and baskets.

Once your course is complete, get the word out to start getting the community to play!


For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of resources surrounding course design and development.

Disc Golf Course Designers

Professional course designers are recommended to maximize the potential of the course. Listed below are professional course designers held in a high regard.


Course Design Booklet

We have found the Dynamic Discs Course Design booklet to be an excellent starting point for individuals interested in learning more about designing and developing a disc golf course.

Take action

As mentioned above, the City of Frisco is currently soliciting feedback from the community related to what the future of Northwest Community Park (55 acres) and the currently undeveloped Frisco on the Green Park (27 acres). Please take the survey and show your support for a new disc golf courses.

Interested in getting a disc golf course built in a different North Texas city (outside of Frisco)? Click here for disc golf course proposal resources from PDGA.

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