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What happens when one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation invests in one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation? Nothing short of magic. Frisco, Texas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation (with more than 200,000 residents) and is home to one of the most well-known disc golf courses, Dash’s Track. Unfortunately, Frisco, the future home of the PGA Headquarters and two world-class ball golf courses recently built, only has one 18-hole disc golf course. With the explosion of disc golf’s growth, more 18-hole courses are needed in Frisco to serve residents of all ages and to become the true “Modern Home of Golf” (for both ball golf and disc golf).

The time is now

The City of Frisco and Frisco’s Parks & Recreation Department is soliciting community feedback to help determine the future of Northwest Community Park (55 acres) and the currently-undeveloped Frisco on the Green Park (27 acres). These parks both border a future world-class PGA ball golf course and a disc golf course at either would be the perfect complement to the natural beauty of the area. 

The Vision

To solidify making Frisco the “Home of Modern Golf,” the City of Frisco would be remiss not to include a robust strategy around how to incorporate disc golf into its Parks & Recreation plan. Disc golf is a perfect way to preserve the natural beauty of Frisco and allows walking trails and other amenities to coexist alongside courses (as evidenced by McCord Park in Little Elm).

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The Land

If you’ve never walked or biked on the trails at Northwest Community Park, you should visit. It’s one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and natural settings in Frisco. By leaving the space largely untouched and converting it to a disc golf course, the land’s natural beauty would be preserved while also providing an accessible, free, and inclusive way for residents to enjoy it more. Learn more about the parks and land here.

Future Frisco Disc Golf Courses

So Frisco, why disc golf?

It’s only seems fair for one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation to be investing in one of the fastest-growing sports in the nation. Frisco only has one 18-hole disc golf course, Dash’s Track, which is already one of the most recognized courses in the nation. With the explosion of disc golf’s growth, more 18-hole courses are needed to serve residents to become the true “Modern Home of Golf” (for both ball golf and disc golf).

Preserves the natural beauty of Frisco

Frisco’s Northwest Community Park is one of the most beautiful, natural pieces of land in Frisco. A disc golf course could leverage that beauty while leaving it largely untouched (relative to other uses of the land). Disc golf courses have a low footprint on the existing land and allow natural landscapes (e.g. woods, streams, trees, forestation) to be enjoyed. Frisco’s Dash’s Track course is a prime example for how courses can preserve existing views and sightlines.

Safe, free, and fun activity of all ages

If you visit Frisco’s Dash’s Track disc golf course on any given day, it’s not uncommon to spot a 3-year-old, an 18-year-old, a 40-year-old, and an 80-year old all on the course at the same time. Due to the fact that disc golf is free to play, disc golf is an accessible, inclusive, and diverse sport for people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. With Frisco’s aging population, the sport of disc golf is worth investing in for the future.

Increased tourism and revenue for Frisco

Disc golf tourism, when people travel to play or watch disc golf, is booming. Disc golfers enjoy the challenge of playing new courses, which means they’re willing to travel and bring their wallets with them. This leads to economic activity at nearby retailers, restaurants, hotels, and more. With the new PGA Headquarters next door, a tournament-caliber 18-hole disc golf course will lead to further utilization of the nearby PGA development. 

Affordable to build and maintain

Compared to other uses of city-owned land, disc golf courses are an easy and affordable way for cities and Parks & Recreation departments to enrich the lives of their residents and build a healthier community. For example, a nice, 18-hole disc golf course can be installed for $20,000. We’d recommend the City of Frisco invest more to make the course tournament-ready and capable of supporting a Disc Golf Pro Tour tournament.

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